Custom Airbrushing – Business Ideas

Airbrushing is a very useful skill for the Hobbyist and Miniature painter to have. With the proper thinning supplies and experience, an airbrush can be used to create very smooth coats of color.

Carsten Zehmisch is a highly respected airbrush artist working closely with Iwata at trade shows and events Australia wide such as Summernats and MotorEx. He has also exhibited his artwork at various Art Galleries.


Since the invention of paint, there have been many different methods of applying it to surfaces. One of the more unique and artistic applications is airbrushing, which is a freehand process that requires great skill to master. It can create incredible realism in images and graphics. It can also be used to create fine art paintings or murals.

Queen started his career working at a collision repair shop as an automotive painter, where he learned the trade from the ground up. He also honed his skills at local bike shows and other events.

An experienced artist can do a lot with an airbrush, including painting fine-art pieces, creating team banners for sporting events or adding new life to an old building or home. However, it’s important for any artist to take the time to prepare their canvas properly before beginning a project. That includes securing the surface, preparing stencils and ensuring their workspace is adequately ventilated.


Airbrush artists have the ability to translate any picture, image or sketch into an automotive work of art. This is why they are often employed by body shops to do custom paint jobs on cars and trucks. These same skills can also be applied to signs, models and miniatures.

Another popular application is spraying airbrush tanning onto the skin. This is a great alternative to getting a spray tan in a booth and gives the client a much more natural look, not to mention, a better color!

Renowned airbrush artist Shannon MacDonald is offering an advanced class this year that takes your skills to the next level. She will teach how to create different effects with Envirobase high-performance basecoat and provide expert instruction on airbrush techniques for various types of projects. This is a two-day course that is sure to fill up quickly, so register early.


Airbrushes are employed in the industrial world for a variety of applications that range from making cars look new to spraying large murals. Many of these uses require the use of specialized paints that are typically more durable than standard automotive paints and which provide for greater resistance to corrosion.

When working with aerosolized paints, regardless of the type or the purpose, the proper personal protective equipment is required. This should include a respirator, gloves and eye protection that are graded for such use. The workspace should also be well ventilated to ensure that the particulates resulting from this work are dissipated as quickly as possible. This will help to keep the worker as safe as possible and to protect surfaces that might be accidentally painted. The most renowned artists in the world of custom airbrushing will often test the limits of what can be done with this amazing tool and its potential for creating beautiful works of art.


Our airbrush artist designs age-appropriate trendy and cool hats, beanies, sweatshirts or t-shirts decorated with the colors and designs of each child’s choice. These make wonderful party favors for children and teens and are a big hit at kids parties.

Airbrushing techniques are being used more and more by car and motorcycle show enthusiasts, custom bike fans, and people that just want to add a personal touch or have something unique to their ride. The specialized paint used is durable and will hold up to the elements. Our airbrush artist has years of experience and will help you design your dream project from start to finish. We use the top of the line double action airbrush from Japan with a high-precision 0.18mm nozzle. This airbrush has a built in air valve and an adjustable needle flow dial for maximum control of your project.