Professional Garage Door Repair in Jonestown, TX

Garage Door Service in Jonestown TX

If your garage door is noisy or shaky, it may need adjustment or replacement. A crooked or sagging door usually indicates a problem with the sensor system, which is a federally mandated safety feature.

A garage door is a major investment and should be properly maintained. Annual service inspections and lubrication will help avoid more expensive repairs down the road.


The garage door is a complex system that requires periodic maintenance to prevent damage and prolong its lifespan. Our service technicians can provide a thorough inspection and make necessary repairs to keep your garage door functioning correctly and efficiently.

Replacing Bottom Rubber

Over time, dents and dings can be inflicted upon the garage door by kids, pets or the elements. These aren’t just unsightly; they can also reduce the effectiveness of the bottom seal and allow drafts, dirt, water or insects into your garage. A new piece of bottom rubber will cost $100 to $200, including labor.

Noisy garage doors are often caused by the hinges or rollers, which can wear out and create metal-on-metal noise. A simple brushing and lubrication may quiet the door, but if not, replacement of these parts is usually required. Our technicians can assess the problem and offer an affordable repair quote. During the process, they can also test and rebalance the springs to help prevent excessive strain on other components of the system.


If your garage door is showing signs of wear and tear or you are noticing that it isn’t operating as efficiently, you might be considering replacing your existing garage door. This can be a major investment, but one that can save you money over time. You may even be able to add battery backup features, which can save you in the event of a power outage.

There are many smaller parts that make up the operation of a garage door, including brackets, cables, and rollers. These small components can break or get worn down, causing problems with the opening and closing of your garage door. Replacing a single bracket can cost $5, while new cables or chains generally run $100 to $400 with labor. Replacing a panel is a bigger repair and can cost $150 to $500 depending on the size of the panel. It also usually takes four to six hours to install a garage door.


Residential garage doors are essential for the safety and security of a home or business. They allow easy access to vehicles and belongings, prevent intruders from entering, and protect against inclement weather.

A properly functioning garage door can make all the difference in a home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and resale value. At Garage Door Service in Jonestown TX, we offer a variety of installations to help you improve your garage door and ensure it functions correctly.

Whether you’re installing a new garage door for a commercial business or want to upgrade your residential door, our experienced technicians will get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll work with you to choose the right options and complete the installation so that your new garage door operates safely, quietly, and effortlessly every time. Our team is also available to provide long term maintenance as part of our installation services. We understand that you rely on your garage door and want it to continue working correctly for as long as possible.


Your garage door is under a lot of strain and works hard every time you use it. Like any piece of equipment, it will wear out over time if you don’t give it proper maintenance. By examining, cleaning, and lubricating parts of the system on an annual basis, you can prevent expensive repairs and keep your garage door operating properly.

Some common issues that require professional attention include:

If your garage doors sensors aren’t working correctly, the doors may not open or close when you press the remote controls. You can help ensure your sensors are working by keeping debris clear of their lens and by making sure that the sensor lights are not obstructed. Also, if your garage door is too noisy, you may need to replace the hinges or rollers that allow it to roll on the tracks. You can quiet the noise by brushing and lubricating the bearings. You can also try adjusting the track hardware.